The selection committee reflects the event’s position as a platform for fostering encounters and showcasing talent: one where rigor meets generosity, where diversity is celebrated in a cosmopolitan atmosphere, and where the promotion of creativity is rooted in an economic and cultural context.

Aline Asmar d’Amman (architect, interior designer and artistic director), India Mahdavi (architect, designer and interior designer), Marc Baroud (designer, director of the design department of the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts), Marianne Brabant (from Modern and Contemporary Department of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris), and Mathias Ohrel (founder of m-O conseil, a recruitment agency for all companies with strong creative content ) brought their expertise to the selection of exhibitors at Beirut Design Fair, and participate in the attribution of the Beirut Design Awards for creativity and innovation (Talent Award, Object Award, Initiative Award) during the salon.

asmar damman


Architect, Culture in Architecture

Architect, interior designer and creative director Aline Asmar d’Amman has long been committed to fostering links between culture and architecture. 
Born in Lebanon, graduated from A.L.B.A, her final studies project was awarded both the prizes of the Ministry of Culture and the Orders of Architects and Engineers of Beirut. In 2011 Aline d’Amman founded Culture in Archirecture in Beirut and Paris, with the deep belief in the power of beauty to elevate the soul and provoke addictive memories of places.
Among her current projects are the interior design of private residences in Riyadh, Beirut, Lausanne and Paris, a boutique hotel in London, a scenography at the Bahrain airport; Culture in Architecture has also taken over the art direction of Hotel de Crillon’s interior design, a collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld on his ‘Grand Apartments’ decoration and the interior design of the iconic palace’s historical salons and suites. 
Culture in Architecture develops holistic design experiences where bespoke furniture, decors and architecture compose a theatrical setting born from constant dialog between past and future, the raw and the precious, borrowing constant inspiration from the art and fashion world to every creative expression.

India Madhavi


Architecture and Design

Architect, designer and interior designer India Mahdavi is an essential name in contemporary international creation. From the Parisian studio that she established in 2000, Mahdavi conceives and designs private residences in places such as Paris, London, New York, and Siwa in Egypt, alongside her hotel, restaurant and boutique projects.
Mahdavi’s design objects, starting with the Bishop, have become icons of contemporary decorative art. Her rich, cosmopolitan, polychrome, and solar universe has been shaped by cinema, art, and design. Abstract prints and figurative motifs with pop accents celebrate nomadic culture rooted in the places of the Mediterranean, with a particular attachment to cities like Beirut, where light, land and sea exchange secrets.

Marc Baroud


Designer, Director of the design department at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA)

Operating between Beirut and Paris, Marc Baroud's creative activities stretch from experimental design to galleries, from architecture to teaching. His sole concern is to engage in collaborations and creative processes where empathy and intuition foster new ways of seeing, living, and thinking about space.
For Baroud, it’s always just one step from conceptual to contextual !

Marianne Brabant


Modern and Contemporary Department, Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris

An university-trained art historian and a graduate in museology at the École du Louvre, Marianne Brabant has worked for twelve years at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, a Parisian institution dedicated to design and the decorative arts. Part of the museum’s Modern and Contemporary Department, Brabant is currently participating in an exhibition project dedicated to the design and creative scenes in Lebanon.

Mathias Orhel



Mathias Ohrel supports brands in sectors with high creative added value (fashion, luxury, distribution, design, architecture, media, digital, and culture) by recruiting the personalities - and specifically creative personalities - that they need.
Ohrel keeps a constant eye on emerging talents, while his expertise, situated at the intersection of various disciplines, offers a unique look at the world of global design.

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