The Beirut Design Awards were created in three categories, on the occasion of the first edition of Beirut Design Fair and conferred by the 2017 Selection Committee - India Mahdavi, Aline Asmar d’Amman, Marc Baroud, Mathias Ohrel and Marianne Brabant, united on the occasion of the Beirut Design Fair - who voted unanimously.

Those Awards are a symbol of the effervescent energy of the design community. The Talent Award, for the designer with the most remarkable artistic journey; The Object Award, which rewards the most unique and innovative creation and The Initiative Award, which seeks to honor an entrepreneurial approach representative of the creative spirit of Beirut and the surrounding region.

talent award


Talent Award

Born in Canada to a Lebanese mother and a Finnish father, Anastasia Nysten grew up between Finland, France and Lebanon. She studied under Karen Chekerdjian in Beirut and Michael Anastassiades in London and received her degree from ALBA (the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts). Having returned to Lebanon two years ago, Anastasia is representative of a new and cosmopolitan generation of Lebanese designers without borders, one which is contributing to the creative effervescence of Lebanon and symbolizes a young generation rising around the world. Anastasia Nysten’s armchair Troll, presented for the first time at Beirut Design Fair, is highly representative of her work and quickly attracted the attention of the jury. In its generosity, its comfort and its formal touch at once chaotic and structured, Troll incarnates an oriental approach far from orientalist archetypes. Ottoman, seat, armchair, Troll recalls traditional yet contemporary uses and scenarios and reinvents the spirit of the oriental seat in its sensual aesthetic, tamed by the singularity of its lines and its masterful mix of materials.

objet award


Object Award

Stouff particularly attracted the attention of the jury in its contemporary interpretation of the Lebanese stove – the centerpiece of the Lebanese household and warm and welcoming symbol of a convivial art de vivre. In Stouff, MAD Achitecture&Design offers a new interpretation of a traditional object and optimizes its use of energy. The intelligence of the work’s tight and aggressive form prevents danger and regenerates the spirit of a formerly obsolete object, reinvigorating its sense of companionable sharing at the heart of the home. For Anthony Daher and Marie-Lyne Samaha-Daher, Stouff is an object which carries the weight of cultural heritage, a symbol of a singular art de vivre which, through innovation and optimization of its design, is bound to transcend boundaries.

initiativea award


Initiative Award

The committee wished to honor this project, which unites art and design and is the result of the collaboration of two women united in creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Joy Mardini, creator of Joy Mardini Design Gallery, and Amar A. Zahr, founder of Beirut Art Residency, together launched a design residency program. Each year, two international designers are invited to work in Lebanon with the goal of creating a work inspired by Lebanese artisanship. This year, participants Francesco Pace and AnneClaire Hostequin created exceptional works inspired by Lebanese culture and savoir-faire. Beyond its relevance, Render Design Residency is the story of a meeting between art and design, one which validates artisanal savoir-faire and pushes its community toward innovation.

The Awards are maintained and will be revealed by the 2018 Selection Committee on the day of the public opening on September 20th.